Stop searching for lost or damaged paper.

The Doc Express service can improve your processes as part of your e-construction initiative.
See how it is helping Iowa DOT reach its paperless contracting goals.

  • Paperless contracting

    Filter and sort electronic documents quickly and get your hands on what you need. All stakeholders will always know the status of a document without the hassle of a VPN or FTP.

  • Route documents with ease

    Configure the document workflow so that you determine who gets what document and when. Built-in security provides read-only access for stakeholders.

  • Email notifications

    Get email notifications instantly or daily with a status change of a document and when it’s your turn to sign.

  • Mobile accessibility

    Check the status of a document on any device at any time. Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop - whatever is handy.

  • Electronic signatures

    Get the added security that comes with an electronic signature on all applicable documents.

Experience and Trust

Leverage the company that has been serving the unique needs of the infrastructure construction industry for more than 40 years. The Doc Express service is from Infotech®, a market leader in infrastructure construction software and services for more than 40 years.

  • "Unlike other document management services, Doc Express is built specifically for our industry, so it has all the features we need to get our contracts finalized quickly. One of the biggest advantages is the configurable document workflow. Having all of our documents electronically stored and moving through a succinct workflow has been a boon to productivity. The visibility of submittal status has greatly improved transparency and accountability."

    Wes Musgrove
    Director, AASHTOWare EUD, Construction & Materials Bureau
  • "Users could almost immediately use the software and have success once they were given access to contracts."

    Janet Wasteney
    Training Officer, Construction & Materials, Iowa Department of Transportation